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2013 Trend Predictions Verified: Responsive Web Design is IN!

19 Feb 2013

2013 Trends

I still have an old school tube television in my living room, but I couldn’t live without my Internet. I have a PC at my desk, a laptop in my office, an iPad in my purse and a smartphone in my pocket. At any given time, I will find the answer to any question conversation poses via the device closest at hand. I can’t be all that different from any other information consumer! I want great online experiences, every time!

I can confirm the likes of “Mashable” and “Blogger Empire” predictions that Responsive Web Design was going to be the trend for 2013. It just makes sense. It is smart and efficient and generally offers adequate solutions generating the highest ROI. The approach is simple: invest in creating a flexible and fluid design to allow media queries to use different style rules based on the display detected.

Unless you have some serious variance in content delivery needs from one device to another, chances are Responsive Web Design is going to generate the best ROI for businesses boasting websites under 50 pages.

Even publications like “4Hoteliers” are highlighting the benefits of RESS (Responsive Web Design + Server Side Components). Max Starkor defined the value of RESS strategies for content-rich, revenue-driven hotel websites. The Server Side components enable the Hotelier to deliver the precise information a visitor would need based on the transaction type suitable to the device, streamlining the user experience and generating a higher conversion rate. Responsive Web Design techniques maintain continuity and reduce duplicated efforts.

Today there are essentially 3 key markets, no matter what business you are in: Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. Although each market is distinct, users like myself are common and expect the same experience no matter which device they choose. A study by Compuware states that 57% of users will not recommend a company with a bad mobile experience, 34% of users will seek the competition if it means a better mobile experience, and 23% of adults have cursed at their phones when a mobile site doesn’t work well. I can honestly tell you that I would be adding to all those figures if I were surveyed… even the last!

- Kristin Delwo