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Google Glass in Calgary & Edmonton

05 Mar 2014

Google Glass

Innovation and Early Adoption with Google Glass

On Christmas eve 2013 a package containing the most significant advancement in wearable technology arrived at Hybrid Global Inc. The journey Google Glass made to arrive at our door in Canada is one that reinforces our enthusiasm to find novel solutions to any challenge. At that time in late 2013 Google only sold Glass to developers invited into the Explorer program and living in the United States. It took creative solutions and a number of iterations to finally secure what is an early adopter’s dream. Google Glass cements and affirms our commitment to lead and explore digital experiences in Western Canadian. A core value at Hybrid Global Inc. is constant curiosity and a passion for new and cool tech.

The Glass Experience is best described as a spectrum interactions. From magical and impressive to frustrating and strange, considering how we and others around us see Glass has been a fascinating and illuminating journey. Without doubt the reality of a hands-free, wearable display offers significant utility in a province heavily focused on construction and manufacturing. The simple advantage of no longer having to take a hand away from a task when interacting with a phone call, text message or the web is monumental. Contemporary and immediate applications enable sharing of images with the blink of eye. It becomes elementary to see to the practical applications of such a different interaction than occurs with the same result on a smartphone.

Driving with Glass

Piloting a vehicle while wearing Glass is an exercise that one should experience simply to comprehend how the generation following us will easily and quickly adapt. The thought of kids easily training themselves to switch vision focus between driving and the Glass display is reminiscent of the unbelievable percentage of teenagers that could blind text in the days T5 and Blackberry. The point to point navigation provided out of the box with Glass is simple fantastic and powered by Google’s own technology.

Chronicling Life at Home and at Work

Further blurring the line of home and work is the concept of the Card interface of Glass that provides chronology of all events in Glass from tweets and photos to video and emails to Facebook posts and Google research you will never again miss those special moments because life is so easily captured. Spending the holidays with Glass enabled fleeting sentimental

The Privilege of Early Adoption

It goes without saying but sometimes restating the obvious makes to clear those on the sidelines because I’ve always felt that early adoption, in spite of the small frustrations is a privilege to absorb and assimilate technology before the mainstream. It affords a vantage point on the future that is not possible to glean from blog post and Youtube videos. Living and working with an early iteration of a technology offers a unique perspective and opportunity to understand where and why it may be successful.

- Chad Smith