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The Modern Web/App Landscape

07 Dec 2014

The lifespace of your app for iPhone, iPad, or Android can be as short as a year.

How is that possible?

Let me explain. Apple and Google release new mobile operating system versions each Fall. Sometimes these updates require a lot of rework to your current apps to make sure they execute properly and look like the new version of the operating system. Nothing is more frustrating to a user when their favorite apps do not work or crash on their brand new smartphone. To ensure your users have a seamless experience, you need a proactive plan so your apps will perform properly with the next operating system version for their phone or tablet. The good news is both Apple and Google release developer versions of the next operating system version months before the official launch date. This allows time for us to modify and test as needed ahead of time to safeguard your apps functionality with the next OS release.

Additional app markets without re-building.

Did you know that once you build an Android app, you can submit the same app to the Amazon App Store to work on all the Kindle Fire Tablets? Yeah, that simple.

Don’t forget about Chrome.

Chrome OS is Google’s desktop (Chromebox) and laptop (Chromebook) operating system. It runs web and Android apps. Many schools and business are starting to move away from Microsoft and Apple and move toward Google’s Chromebooks. The reason for the shift is because Chrome OS auto updates, is totally secure, everything is stored in the cloud, and you can login on any Chomebox or Chromebook and pick up exactly where you left off. The power of the cloud. Did you also know that with a little extra work any of your web apps can be turned into Chrome apps that run as a stand alone app, on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS? These apps can even run offline.

Get the most out of your app while ensuring reliable user experience regardless of operating system version or device preference with these simple steps.

- Kevin Horek