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07 Feb 2013

In the all-things-digital industry there’s almost a cult like devotion to the concept of startup. Like many romantic notions, the startup reality rarely resemblances the myth. Sure there are the Instagram stories to entrench that myth with exits of insane multiples. Given an attainable objective of reasonable business growth or powerful internal change the common thread in achieving scale is a highly performing team. Effective team building is often assumed and rarely discussed by those focused on the startup output. Perhaps its a generation of engineers, designers and even marketers growing up immersed in multi-player video games that contorts the modern concept of team. Raiding in World of Warcraft, assaulting in Call of Duty and participating in the interstellar space battles don’t provide sufficient stake to truly build interpersonal bonds that translate well to the business of execution and innovation. Succeeding at team development is an ambitious objective that takes effort.

We’ve learned that effective team building and by extension team performance is the alignment of three key fundamentals: people, purpose and process.


A key consideration of building anything is understanding what components to you have to work with. Effective teams require different kinds of players to maximize success. When acquiring new talent or developing existing players a well established framework for assessing personality profiles known as Myers-Briggs serves to meet this need. The Myer-Briggs Type indicator is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences. Individuals are slated into one of sixteen of types. Knowing how your team members interrelate is key to a relaxed, comfortable environment where ideas flow freely. While team composition isn’t always obvious as the popularized by Michael Lewis’ book The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, effective leaders find novel ways to capitalize on individual talents.


Simon Cinek, an influential and passionate contemporary thought leader, provides an approachable framework for communicating purpose to your team. A thoughtfully established culture is amplified by clear definition of purpose. Today, the quest for compelling purpose is typified by Cinek and his easily digestible concept of the Golden Circle. According to Cinek the Golden Circle codifies three distinct and interdependent elements (Why, How and What) that enable any person, and by extension, any organization function at its peak ability. We’ve developed the Innovate, Design, Build mantra using some of Cinek’s technique and highly recommend evaluating your organization’s purpose.



We’ve invested a significant amount of time, expertise and experience establishing repeatable processes inside Hybrid Global Inc. to deliver unique digital experiences. Team composition, clearly stated objectives coupled proven processes is the magic between delivering unique digital experience. The prodigious Freeman Dyson once offered that when the great innovation appears, it will almost certainly be in a muddled, incomplete and confusing form. The interconnected people, purpose and process framework at Hybrid Global Inc. brings certainly that our clients have come to expect from us.

- Chad Smith