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Wood Buffalo Environmental Association


Wood Buffalo Environmental Association is a multi-stakeholder group consisting of municipalities, aboriginal nations and oil companies including Suncor, Syncrude, Petro Canada and anyone else contributing or impacted by pollution caused by the third largest oil sands in the world. HF was founded on a contract to create solutions that manage all the air quality control data collected along the perimeter. At this time in 2006, data was being collected and forgotten.


HF architected, designed and developed a massive data warehouse over two years that indexes a plethora of metrics such as So2, h2s and o3 particulate readings from a multitude of sensors. We then created a suite of interfaces to interact with the data in almost real time for a variety of levels of users from government officials to general public.


Secure cloud storage, web access and quality implementation processes have resulted in the systems continued use to this day, serving all government regulations and public needs.